Web Design

Web design is one of the necessities of web development.

Web design is used to describe the visible part (front-end) of a website and web development is used to describe coding part (back-end).

It is a process of creating websites that display on the Internet. It subsumes planning, creating and updating websites. It focuses on designing websites for desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

Web design includes web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, content producing, search engine optimization (SEO), code standardization and proprietary software. It also involves information ...

Web design and web development are aspects of the website building process but necessitate different skills.

Web design is used to describe the visible part of a website. In other words, it focuses on the front part: The aesthetic portion and usability.

Web development focuses on coding part (backend) and functionality of a website.

Web designers and web developers mostly work in a team and closely with each other on website creation.

In the digital world, a website is a necessity for all companies to represent themselves. If you do not have a website, you probably lose a big number of opportunities for your business.

A website is a powerful marketing tool that helps your business grow and taking part in the competitive market. Also, it makes your business and company visible and audible.

Today, people research online first, before purchase a service or product. By having a website, you give information to your costumers and potential costumers what your brand is about and what you offer to them.

A website cannot give you c...