What is Web Design?

Web design is one of the necessities of web development.

Web design is used to describe the visible part (front-end) of a website and web development is used to describe coding part (back-end).

It is a process of creating websites that display on the Internet. It subsumes planning, creating and updating websites. It focuses on designing websites for desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

Web design includes web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, content producing, search engine optimization (SEO), code standardization and proprietary software. It also involves information architecture, website structure, usability, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts, and imagery.

The word ‘design’ is mostly about the visual aspects such as coloring, balance, contrast, rhythm, lines, shapes, texture, and using icons. But web design combines these aspects with fundamental coding principles.

What does a web designer do?

Designing a website involves two primary jobs, web designer and web developer, namely it is a teamwork.

Web designers work is imagine and design a web page or an entire website using images, formatting HTML, standardization and usability.

There are a lot of skills, standards and principles to being a well-rounded web designer such as design, UX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, design software, SEO, information architecture, digital marketing, communication, and content management. But web designers focus on a few skills and most of the time a web designer works with partners who focus on other aspects.

What is a good web design?

A good web design offers ease of use, aesthetical and pleasing appearance, suits to the corporate identity and also target audience.

It has no extra and pointless information or confusing and distracting functions.

More of these, a good web design should work well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Everything about a website from the content to the way it looks and works is determined by the website design.